White Paper: Digitalize to Decarbonize

  • February 08, 2023
  • GE Digital
  • White Paper

Digitalize to Decarbonize: The Critical Role of Software in Fueling in the Energy Transition for Heavy Industry

A White Paper by Reuters and GE Digital

White Paper: Digitalize to Decarbonize

Technology and analytics can boost the overall resilience of the system, enabling companies in energy-intensive segments to get power from different sources in a seamless and cost-effective manner. Artificial intelligence, data analytics and the wider digital transformation provide the speed and scale of changes required to address the climate crisis as well as operational challenges. Whilst often under-represented, they are demonstrably as important as the deployment of renewable energy sources to cut carbon emissions.

Decarbonization requires a holistic approach that takes different energy sources and ultimately the entire system into account. It means getting the most out of each energy source and making it as clean as possible. To meet rising demand for sustainable energy, the global grid needs to get smarter, more agile, and more resilient to power industry evolutions, consumer behavior patterns, and the accelerated cutover to electrification.

“This is the ultimate multivariable equation, and the equation is getting more complicated because you are adding new fuel sources, there are changing demand patterns, and demand is influenced by the need to move towards electrification,” said Linda Rae, general manager of Power Generation and Oil & Gas at GE Digital.

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