Enhanced customization & compatibility with EDGEBoost I/O

  • March 31, 2023
  • Premio Inc.
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Enhanced customization & compatibility with EDGEBoost I/O
Enhanced customization & compatibility with EDGEBoost I/O

Introducing EDGEBoost I/O Modules

EDGEBoost I/O modules are a scalable and modular solution that integrates into Premio’s industrial computers and provides enhanced reliability with plug-and-play expandability. These add-on modules help tackle design limitations and compatibility issues that occur at the rugged edge. EDGEboost I/O modules provide the ultimate customization to match specific I/O requirements for robust I/O connectivity in the harshest edge deployments.

Built with a proprietary PCIe communication standards design, it creates a simple, yet versatile solution that can be interchangeable between compatible Premio systems for a fully optimized configuration. EDGEBoost modules fit directly into their respective EDGEBoost brackets to offer a scalable way for users to scale their I/O requirements without needing to invest further to power more IoT devices.

Premio’s EDGEboost I/O Key Features

Interoperability through PCIe protocol
Designed through Premio’s proprietary pin design, the EDGEboost I/O integrates easily into compatible Premio systems and can be interchangeable for a more optimized configuration. Through a standardized PCIe protocol, EDGEboost I/O modules slot directly into a designated EDGEboost bracket found in compatible Premio products, allowing for seamless communication between the central system and its connected devices. EDGEBoost I/O modules are capable of enabling the latest transformative technologies such as M.2 NVMe storage and M.2 AI Accelerators for real-time inference capabilities.

Modularity & scalability
EDGEBoost I/O leverages a modular design to provide enhanced flexibility in I/O compatibility and scalability for IIoT deployments with highly specialized requirements.  This gives system integrators and OEMs capabilities to configure the industrial computer around their I/O requirements without being limited to fixed I/Os available on-board.

Ruggedized for harsh environments
Premio’s EdgeBoost I/O modules are purpose-built to withstand the harshest environments alongside the ruggedized system it is designed to fit into. The module is resistant to extreme temperatures, humidity, and shock/vibration, to ensure secure and reliable connectivity. Each module is mechanically and electrically engineered to leverage a passive cooling design directly from the ruggedized enclosure.

Compatible with EDGEBoost Brackets
Our mechanical engineering design enables EDGEBoost I/O modules to easily integrate into Premio's flagship products via EDGEboost brackets. The brackets provide a standardized slot for EDGEBoost I/O modules to plug into.

These compatible embedded systems have been thoroughly tested and validated to meet all the mission critical I/O requirements found at the edge. Each compatible product comes with predefined modules optimized for expandability, power and performance in specific industry applications.

Edgeboost I/O brackets found on compatible Premio products.

We offer three distinct categories of EDGEBoost I/O modules to choose from for maximum I/O customization:

  • Digital & Analog I/O
  • Network & Connectivity
  • Edge AI & Storage

Enabling Transformative Technologies With EDGEBoost I/O

The EBIO-2M2BK carrier board brings the latest technologies to the edge by supporting up to 4x M.2 slots for both real-time inferencing and high-speed data storage. This unique EDGEBoost I/O differentiates itself by supporting up to 4x Hailo-8™ AI processors with 104 TOPS (trillion operations per second) of performance while maintaining a low TDP (thermal design power) for reliable inference analysis and object detection in real time. Alternatively, workloads that require scalable high-speed and high-volume storage, the EBIO-2M2BK offers up to 4x NVMe storage modules for maximized data storage capabilities. Key features include:

  • Supports 5G/AI/NVMe Modules
  • 2x M.2 B-Key 2242/3042/3052
  • 1x Dip Switch for Switching into 2 configurations:
  • 2x PCIex2, Support AI Module/NVMe Storage
  • 1x PCIex2, Support AI Module/NVMe Storage & 1x PCIex1 & USB 3.2 Gen1, Support 4G/5G
  • 1x Mini SIM Slot (on-board)
  • 3x Antenna Holes for SMA connectors
  • Rugged and Passive Cooling Design

The EBIO-M2MK carrier board maximizes a full PCIe x4 lane performance bandwidth for edge AI and NVMe modules. Specific edge applications can leverage EBIO-M2MK for pure real-time performance for Edge AI inference and high-speed NVMe storage. Key features include:

  • AI/NVMe Module support
  • 1x M.2 M-Key 2242/2260
  • Full PCIe x4 Lane bandwidth
  • Rugged and Passive Cooling design

Why EDGEBoost I/O?

EdgeBoost I/O is an advanced technology that provides a wide range of input and output add-on options for Premio’s fanless industrial computers. Many traditional computing systems are limited to the fixed I/O on the motherboard due to limited space on the printed circuit board. However, EDGEBoost I/O modules provide a streamlined solution for maximum I/O scalability to cater to specific application requirements for Premio industrial computers.

To fully configure your EDGEBoost I/O with a compatible Premio fanless industrial computer, visit our configurator on our EDGEBoost I/O solution page and contact a Premio expert to begin building your solution today.

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